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Cover [FULL ALBUM] ASTRO (아스트로) - RISE UP" .mp4
Viewed 189,651 times and has 17:59 duration.
Cover Unboxing ♡ Astro Rise Up (Special Mini Album) 아스트로 스페셜 앨범 후기" .mp4
Viewed 15,571 times and has 4:29 duration.
Cover [M/V] 아스트로 (ASTRO) - 너잖아 (Always You)" .mp4
Viewed 132,974 times and has 3:48 duration.
Cover [Teaser] 아스트로 (ASTRO) - 'Rise Up' Highlight Medley" .mp4
Viewed 17,754 times and has 1:20 duration.
Cover ASTRO (아스트로) - ALWAYS YOU (너잖아) LYRICS (Color Coded Eng/Rom/Han/가사)" .mp4
Viewed 677,588 times and has 3:44 duration.
Cover ASTRO (아스트로) – 'By Your Side' (너의 뒤에서) [HAN|ROM|ENG COLOR CODED] 가사" .mp4
Viewed 47,239 times and has 3:27 duration.
Cover ASTRO (아스트로) - Stay With Me (내 곁에 있어줘) Lyrics [Color Coded-Han-Rom-Eng]" .mp4
Viewed 22,630 times and has 3:44 duration.
Cover ASTRO 아스트로 - Special Mini Album 'Rise Up' JACKET MAKING FILM" .mp4
Viewed 123,237 times and has 3:21 duration.
Cover [ASTRO - Always You] Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN 180809 EP.582" .mp4
Viewed 2,234,150 times and has 4:05 duration.
Cover [아스트로/ASTRO] 180723 "RISE UP" 언빡씽 꿀귀 뽀인트" .mp4
Viewed 32,375 times and has 7:40 duration.
Viewed 6,477 times and has 9:49 duration.
Cover [전곡 듣기 / FULL ALBUM] 아스트로 (ASTRO) - RISE UP" .mp4
Viewed 48,807 times and has 18:13 duration.
Cover ASTRO (아스트로) - RISE UP Highlight Medley - ALWAYS YOU (너잖아) REACTION (뮤비 리액션)" .mp4
Viewed 11,417 times and has 8:08 duration.
Cover [ENG SUB] 180707 ASTRO DDOCA 주말 나들이 (Weekend Outing)" .mp4
Viewed 6,021 times and has 9:10 duration.
Cover It’s Official - ASTRO Won’t Hold Promotional Activities For "Rise Up"" .mp4
Viewed 733 times and has 4:02 duration.
Cover 아스트로 ROCKY [ASTRO] RISE UP Sub. Indo" .mp4
Viewed 232 times and has 2:27 duration.
Viewed 11,242 times and has 15:00 duration.
Cover Unboxing | ASTRO Special Mini Album - Rise Up" .mp4
Viewed 2,396 times and has 6:10 duration.
Cover [Ktown4u Unboxing] ASTRO - Special Mini Album [RISE UP] 아스트로 라이즈업 언박싱" .mp4
Viewed 12,003 times and has 2:38 duration.
Cover ASTRO 아스트로 - Welcome To PHOTO EXHIBITION ‘Rise Up’" .mp4
Viewed 65,233 times and has 1:15 duration.

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