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Cover Tawuran New Kendedes Live Gumukmas Bantur..mp4
Viewed 1,289 times and has 2:47 duration.
Cover Kendedes Live Gumuk Mas.mp4
Viewed 598 times and has 4:33 duration.
Cover New Kendedes Live In Gumuk Mas Bojo Galak.mp4
Viewed 172 times and has 3:42 duration.
Cover NKD Live Gumukmas Pagak Malang.mp4
Viewed 783 times and has 5:33 duration.
Cover Kendedes Live Gumuk Mas.mp4
Viewed 85 times and has 3:01 duration.
Cover New Kendedes Desa Kebon Pagak Goyang 2 Jari.mp4
Viewed 199 times and has 7:21 duration.
Cover Dangdutan Karanganyar - Gumukmas Jember.mp4
Viewed 13,533 times and has 2:43 duration.
Viewed 249 times and has 5:54 duration.
Cover Dempok Bergoyang.mp4
Viewed 159 times and has 0:28 duration.
Cover New Kendedes Live Pantai Serang.mp4
Viewed 3,475 times and has 10:23 duration.
Cover Dangdutan Bersama Shee Music Live.mp4
Viewed 136 times and has 3:13:04 duration.
Cover Sonata Dempok... Cabe Cabean.mp4
Viewed 40 times and has 4:44 duration.
Cover New Kendedes Dempok Gampingan.mp4
Viewed 687 times and has 5:30 duration.
Cover Artis Jember Dapat Undangan Dari Si Raja Sawer Wiwin Permara Sari Monata -wandra Salah Tompo.mp4
Viewed 3,106 times and has 5:12 duration.
Cover Magnumotion @kanjuruhan 2b.mp4
Viewed 64 times and has 1:46 duration.
Cover New Kendedes Polisi Desa Bumiaji Kota Wisata Batu.mp4
Viewed 466 times and has 3:14 duration.
Cover Soni Si Arek Dempok Main Bola.mp4
Viewed 120 times and has 1:54 duration.
Cover New MEGANZA Bendo-gampingan-pagak.mp4
Viewed 830 times and has 7:35 duration.
Cover Nuril Live Di Patemon Kisruh.mp4
Viewed 3,847 times and has 2:13 duration.
Cover Om New Kendedes Sayang Elsa Safira.mp4
Viewed 226 times and has 4:57 duration.


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