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Cover Franklin J. Schaffner ‪winning The Oscar® For Directing "Patton"" .mp4
Viewed 8,719 times and has 2:42 duration.
Cover Patton (3/5) Movie CLIP - Rommel, You Magnificent Bastard (1970) HD" .mp4
Viewed 947,743 times and has 2:31 duration.
Cover Patton (4/5) Movie CLIP - I Won't Have Cowards In My Army (1970) HD" .mp4
Viewed 399,369 times and has 2:42 duration.
Cover Patton Goes Berlin" .mp4
Viewed 9,354 times and has 0:09 duration.
Cover M*A*S*H And Patton Win Writing Awards: 1970 Oscars" .mp4
Viewed 7,125 times and has 5:12 duration.
Cover Patton (2/5) Movie CLIP - Complete Air Supremacy (1970) HD" .mp4
Viewed 389,171 times and has 2:43 duration.
Cover Patton (Trailer V.O)" .mp4
Viewed 138 times and has 1:21 duration.
Cover Patton - How To Win A War" .mp4
Viewed 62,799 times and has 0:22 duration.
Cover Patton (1/5) Movie CLIP - Americans Love A Winner (1970) HD" .mp4
Viewed 415,453 times and has 2:43 duration.
Cover David Lynch Honored With First Franklin J. Schaffner Medal In 1989" .mp4
Viewed 777 times and has 2:28 duration.
Cover Patton Was A Napoleon Marshal" .mp4
Viewed 5,621 times and has 0:16 duration.
Cover Patton Wins Best Picture: 1971 Oscars" .mp4
Viewed 50,207 times and has 5:18 duration.
Cover Franklin J. Schaffner" .mp4
Viewed 250 times and has 3:22 duration.
Cover Helen Patton And Catherine Rommel Meet In Nierstein" .mp4
Viewed 21,065 times and has 0:57 duration.
Viewed 115 times and has 1:15 duration.
Cover Magnificent Bastard" .mp4
Viewed 426,088 times and has 0:08 duration.
Cover Guy Falling In Mud Making Weird Sound." .mp4
Viewed 1,166 times and has 0:11 duration.
Cover Patton - Introduction By Francis Ford Coppola" .mp4
Viewed 165 times and has 4:54 duration.
Cover Patton Through A Glass And Darkly" .mp4
Viewed 73 times and has 0:55 duration.
Cover The War Lord 1965 - Franklin J. Schaffner" .mp4
Viewed 106 times and has 1:57:44 duration.


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