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Cover [MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) Shine(빛나리).mp4
Viewed 132,026,064 times and has 3:23 duration.
Cover PENTAGON(펜타곤) - '빛나리(Shine)' (Choreography Practice Video).mp4
Viewed 23,454,172 times and has 3:24 duration.
Cover PENTAGON (펜타곤) - 'SHINE' (빛나리) Lyrics [Color Coded Han Rom Eng].mp4
Viewed 14,998,270 times and has 3:20 duration.
Cover [PENTAGON - Shine] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 180503 EP.569.mp4
Viewed 5,809,527 times and has 3:19 duration.
Cover [PENTAGON - Shine] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 180405 EP.565.mp4
Viewed 4,558,877 times and has 3:28 duration.
Cover [MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) SHINE (Japanese Ver.).mp4
Viewed 1,854,840 times and has 3:21 duration.
Cover Show Champion EP.269 PENTAGON - Shine.mp4
Viewed 863,961 times and has 3:33 duration.
Cover 뮤직뱅크 Music Bank. 빛나리 - 펜타곤 (Shine - PENTAGON). 20160504.mp4
Viewed 500,577 times and has 3:18 duration.
Cover [Korean Music Wave] PENTAGON - Shine , 펜타곤- 빛나리 , DMC Festival 2018.mp4
Viewed 396,866 times and has 3:17 duration.
Cover [KCON 2018 LA] PENTAGON - INTRO + Shine RemixㅣKCON 2018 LA X M COUNTDOWN 180824 EP.584.mp4
Viewed 1,035,431 times and has 3:56 duration.
Cover [릴레이댄스] 펜타곤(PENTAGON) - 빛나리(Shine).mp4
Viewed 5,838,667 times and has 4:14 duration.
Cover [K-Poppin'] 펜타곤 (PENTAGON)'s Singin' Live '빛나리(Shine)'.mp4
Viewed 1,508,353 times and has 3:37 duration.
Cover [HOT] PENTAGON - Shine(Acoustic Remix), 펜타곤 - 빛나리(Acoustic Remix) Show Music Core 20180512.mp4
Viewed 517,985 times and has 3:23 duration.
Cover [세로라이브] 펜타곤(Pentagon) - 빛나리(Acapella Remix).mp4
Viewed 2,657,827 times and has 3:23 duration.
Cover [K-pop In Public Challenge] PENTAGON (펜타곤) - Shine (빛나리) Full Dance Cover By SoNE1.mp4
Viewed 2,048,726 times and has 4:00 duration.
Cover Pentagon - Shineㅣ펜타곤 - 빛나리 [Inkigayo Ep 952].mp4
Viewed 1,369,743 times and has 3:34 duration.
Cover [KCON 2018 NY] PENTAGON - INTRO + ShineㅣKCON 2018 NY X M COUNTDOWN 180705 EP.577.mp4
Viewed 1,147,829 times and has 4:21 duration.
Viewed 1,085,772 times and has 4:21 duration.
Cover [PENTAGON - Shine] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 180510 EP.570.mp4
Viewed 1,244,203 times and has 3:18 duration.
Cover 펜타곤 빛나리 PENTAGON 'Shine'.mp4
Viewed 4,800 times and has 3:42 duration.


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