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Cover IKKE NURJANAH - Terlena.mp4
Viewed 1,367,751 times and has 4:23 duration.
Cover Ikke Nurjanah Terlena.mp4
Viewed 125,311 times and has 5:04 duration.
Viewed 606,258 times and has 5:34 duration.
Cover Ikke Nurjanah - Terlena (Official Music Video).mp4
Viewed 118,598 times and has 5:06 duration.
Cover Terlena-Ikke Nurjanah.mp4
Viewed 423,774 times and has 4:14 duration.
Cover Performance Ikke Nurjanah - Terlena.mp4
Viewed 46,449 times and has 4:20 duration.
Cover Terlena - Ikke Nurjanah | Dangdhut Karaoke.mp4
Viewed 968,949 times and has 4:21 duration.
Cover Ikke Nurjannah, Cita Citata, Fildan "Terlena" | AMI AWARDS 2018.mp4
Viewed 502,153 times and has 4:55 duration.
Cover Ikke Nurjanah Full Album Terlena.mp4
Viewed 753 times and has 1:06:13 duration.
Cover New Pallapa Ikke Nurjanah - Terlena.mp4
Viewed 39,167 times and has 4:35 duration.
Cover Terlena Ikke Nurjanah + Keroncong Tugu.mp4
Viewed 29,649 times and has 5:50 duration.
Cover Ike Nurjanah Terlena.mp4
Viewed 5,534 times and has 4:12 duration.
Cover IKKE NURJANAH Lagu-lagu Pilihan - Dangdut Nostalgia Indonesia 90an.mp4
Viewed 7,673 times and has 1:14:26 duration.
Cover Kumpulan Lagu Dangdut **** Terlena - Ikke Nurjanah ****.mp4
Viewed 92,344 times and has 4:25 duration.
Cover TERBAIIK Penampilan Delima Ft Ikke Di 5 Besar [TERLENA] - Kontes 5 Besar KDI (3/9).mp4
Viewed 43,245 times and has 3:44 duration.
Cover Terlena - D'Band & Ikke Nurjanah.mp4
Viewed 25,251 times and has 5:39 duration.
Cover "Terlena" Ikke Nurjanah Di PESTA RAKYAT JHONLIN GROUP Batu Licin.mp4
Viewed 3,134 times and has 5:32 duration.
Cover Karaoke Ikke Nurjanah Terlena.mp4
Viewed 359,366 times and has 3:46 duration.
Cover Ikke Nurjanah - Terlena.mp4
Viewed 2,954 times and has 4:06 duration.
Cover Ikke Nurjanah - Terhanyut Dalam Kemesraan (Official Lyric Video).mp4
Viewed 1,622,457 times and has 4:56 duration.


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